Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Investigating, originally uploaded by imarsman.

Here's one of my recent ant pictures, taken with the new Nikon D50, and just as importantly, a 60mm Micro Nikkor AF lens. I'm sure I will take many more photos, some of which will be better, but I like the action in this one. These ants were congregating around a wilted flower and dead midge. The midge was eventually carried away. All of my ant shots so far, except those taken on a cloudy day, have driven home how useful a polarizing filter would be in reducing glare. So, I ordered one today, a B+W 62mm polarizer. It's a good one, made in Germany. Within limits, my philosophy is to purchase good quality things, spending a bit more to get something that will be more useful in the long run. I applied this philosophy to my polarizer puchase, paying $50 instead of $25 for a multicoated polarizer with brass ring mount rather than an uncoated one with an aluminum mount.