Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Surfing Safari

Though I may change my mind on this, I am switching from using Firefox to Safari as my browser of choice. Most of the reasons for this relate to aesthetics and colour handling. Safari, on my iMac, is generally more responsive and smooth than Firefox. Copied text in Safari has its formatting preserved, making the loss of the Aardvark plugin easier to live with. Passwords get saved in the system keychain. Managing bookmarks is easier and more comfortable. Text areas (in v. 3 beta) can be resized by dragging, a great feature. Search within a page highlights instances of found text very nicely. Safariblock, a free plugin, gets close enough to the functionality of Firefox's Adblock. In summary, Safari gets in the way less, letting me concentrate on the main things I am doing. Finally, though it's planned for version 3 of Firefox, Safari handles embedded ICC profiles for images now, making rendering of my Flickr images much much more beautiful.