Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Layout of this blog in IE

This blog looks bad in IE. Hadn't checked it untill today. Have fixed it a bit but it still looks like it's falling to pieces in that browser. It all boils down to having lots of whitespace between the blog area and the right sidebar. No idea why it's there in IE and not in Firefox, except that IE's old and warty and neglected. Will have to address this asap.

Later.... It seems that IE is much less able to cope with big flow issues than Firefox. It was allowing the content region to be expanded to accomodate preformatted text and text wrapping around an image. Firefox seems to rightly allow the offending content to overflow its container while enforcing its container's set dimensions. I can just hear the Microsoft engineers saying "I was only trying to be helpful". The Mozilla people are only trying to be predictable. I prefer the latter. It reduces the problem domain.