Thursday, May 12, 2005

Making remote scripting less painful

Brent has a nice posting discussing various front and backends and techniques available today that allow web applications to do more with remote scripting and do it better. I had been discussing web applications and remote scripting with Joe, a coworker the other day and had noted that what seems to be missing is the lack of hooks into remote scripting on web pages at the form component level. Brent points to an emerging toolkit, Dojo, that aims to do just that. I am not afraid of page layout or the hows and whys of remote scripting or backend systems, but I am daunted by having to hand code RPC systems on a page by page and form by form basis. It's too monastic, not efficient. If a toolkit could be developed that does not tip in favour of any specific backend system or language things could really take off and Flex could have some real competition. We'll see.