Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Music to our ears

Our new pianoOn or move to Ontario the movers destroyed our Yamaha Clavinova electronic piano. It's replacement value is about forty five hundred dollars, although that's not what we paid for it. The contents of the move were insured against damage, so, after a long time of assesment, we were given the go-ahead to get a replacement for the keyboard up to a value of thirty-five hundred dollars before tax. It's a little disturbing how happy Nancy was about this. She found a Rischler piano within the budget and it was delivered yesterday. It sounds great. I did not expect to be an owner of a brand new piano any time soon. This is a nice counterbalance to the large amounts of academic work Nancy is going through for her MEd.

The cabinet for the piano's apparantly made of "rock maple", also known as sugar maple.

I think the piano's a re-branding for the Canadian reseller and is made in a large factory in China that also makes pianos for Yamaha and others. Buying a Yamaha with the same parts from the same factory would have cost us four hundred dollars more. One made in Japan would cost another four hundred. Both options were outside our budget. The Chinese Yamaha would not have bought us anything besides a different logo.