Friday, April 08, 2005

New Camera

Got a new camera this week, a Canon A95. It seems to be everything I'd hoped; flexible, capable, and snappy. There are several levels of control, from none (fully automatic) to some (adjust just shutter speed or just aperture) to complete. It deserves the praise it gets. I had been considering a Sony W5, but Sony is a bit like Microsoft, it is flashy and works very well (this is where Sony diverge a bit from Microsoft), but if you want add-ons or memory you have to go through Sony and pay a premium. I wanted to add a close-up lens to my camera. Sony doesn't have this option. The A95 has a nice hook-in for adapter lenses. I can buy off the shelf adapter lenses and an adapter sleeve from lensmate.

Havn't had much chance yet to take interesting pictures with it, since I come home at 6:30 when the light's bad and my kids' hair is messy and their faces have crumbs on them. Will be going to the park this weekend with them and should get some good chances to take some pictures then.