Friday, April 08, 2005

Yahoo 360

Got an invite for a Yahoo 360 account from a kind person in Denmark. Let's just say I think it needs to be in beta for a while yet. It's jumbled and underpowered. You can't link to images. You can't search your blog. You can't remove sections from the page. You can't.... My goal in life is not to link up and share music and chat with other Yahoo members. If that's how they drive things I think they'll get a restricted user base. Give people choices.

So, with my Flickr account I'm allied with Yahoo and with my Blogger accuont I'm allied with Google. Fine by me. Both companies are more or less here to stay, unlikely to do irritating things with the services, and pretty in tune with the needs and preferences of their users. I just hope that Flickr becomes meshed with Yahoo but not engulfed. It's great the way it is. I see it as adding more value to Yahoo than vice versa.