Monday, April 25, 2005

Red trillium not yet fully opened

Latin name: trillium erectum

Went to St. John's conservation area with the kids on Sunday. The weather was overcast with very light and spotty rain, but the lighting was pretty good for photos. The hepatica seems to be gone already. Red trilliums are starting to bloom and white trilliums are almost there.

Looking at this picture of a red trillium, I see that the flower case is a bit washed out. I'm starting to get pickier, probably because I'm getting to know my camera and more about lighting, arpetrure, exposure time, etc.

Fiddling around with images last night I found that pumping up the colour contrast gives me an effect similar to what I've seen on others' photos on Flickr, namely exaggerated rich colours. It's pretty, but for me crosses the line into fibbing for most of what I do that's intended to convey what I saw non-metaphorically. I'll do my best to stay true to what I saw while reserving the right to intervene to get to that point.